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Marketing Powered Innovation

Marketing Powered Innovation combines marketing and innovation principles to create groundbreaking solutions that meet customer needs. It helps businesses stay ahead not only by adapting to market trends and leveraging insights from research, but by identifying and executing on untapped opportunities through Marketing-led Go-To-Market activities.

This approach enhances customer satisfaction, drives revenue growth, and strengthens brand reputation, making it essential for thriving in today's competitive business landscape.

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(Noun) A paradigm-shifting approach...

wherein the Marketing department, deeply attuned to market trends and customer behaviors, becomes the vanguard in recognizing and capitalizing on the untapped potential within the organization’s existing products and services.

(Noun) A forward-thinking strategy...

that repositions Marketing from its traditional role as a cost center to a dynamic, revenue-generating profit center. By rapidly pinpointing potential innovations and ushering them to market without the protracted processes associated with traditional R&D cycles, Marketing becomes a key catalyst in not only evolving company offerings but also in crafting and reshaping market categories.

(Verb) An organizational evolution...

emphasizing heightened cross-functional collaboration, where Marketing's insights and strategies augment, rather than replace, the intrinsic value of established Innovation functions, culminating in an integrated, holistic, customer-centric innovation journey.

(Verb) The practice of... 

positioning the Marketing function at the nexus of opportunity recognition and realization, leveraging its unique perspective to both identify potential and steer Go-To-Market strategies, translating insights into tangible and profitable business outcomes, and establishing the CMO and their team as pivotal drivers of growth, profitability, and change.

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Why It Matters to You 

According to two recent Gartner research studies (2022 & 2023), the role of the CMO is evolving. C-Suite executives EXPECT the CMO to "expand their role in growth leadership". Here's how Marketing Powered Innovation supports the CMO and the Marketing organization to meet or exceed those expectations to create new streams of revenue and opportunities for corporate growth. 

  • Positions CMO as Key Growth & Strategy Leader

    Elevates the CMO to a core strategic role, uniquely equipped to steer the company's innovation initiatives in profitable directions.

  • Repositions Marketing's Role

    Reframes the Marketing department as a key driver of tangible business outcomes, not just as a cost center, directly tying insights and strategies to revenue generation.

  • Augments Traditional Innovation

    Instead of sidelining or competing with traditional R&D or innovation teams, Marketing Powered Innovation presents an opportunity for collaboration. Marketing's insights and data-driven strategies can complement the technical and creative prowess of innovation teams, leading to more market-aligned and profitable solutions.

  • Highlights Customer-Centricity

    By driving innovation, the Marketing team ensures that innovations are rooted in customer needs, demands, and trends, ensuring higher chances of market success.

  • Empowers Cross-Functional Collaboration

    It fosters a culture of collaboration where marketing insights become invaluable for other departments. R&D can benefit from market trends, sales can align with new innovations, and the product teams can get insights into what the customer really wants.

  • Shifts Perceptions Internally & Externally

    Makes a statement to external stakeholders about the company's forward-thinking and customer-centric approach, but it also influences internal perceptions. Recognizing the value the Marketing team brings to the innovation table can boost morale, attract talent, and position the company as a leader in its domain.

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